International Medical Support

Peace of mind on every journey

Platinum Oak's international medical support service provides individuals who frequently travel to the UK with medical back-up on every business or leisure trip.

For international medical support and advice, reassurance and bespoke healthcare management, one of our professionals will be there to advise, action and assist. Our discreet medical support is tailored to your needs, from having a fully equipped paramedic in plain clothes by your side 24/7 to the even less intrusive reassurance of our remote clinical support, enabling us to access and share real-time updates on your health with you, your own teams and medical staff anywhere in the world.

For more complex requirements, our paramedics can sit in convoy, follow in an ambulance or support air medical transportation. We can also offer assistance with repatriation and organise the comfortable coordination of returning an individual to their home country with a medical support team for the journey if required.

If emergency care is required upon landing, we will have an ambulance waiting for air side transfer to a hospital or your own pre-prepared care suite. If required, we can prepare and staff a critical, palliative or recovery care suite and have it waiting for you at a location of your choice. Platinum Oak also has access to a network of leading medical experts and links with some of London’s leading private hospitals and care facilities.

Our combination of medical, operational and security expertise ensures no situation is too complex for us to manage for our international clients. We are here for your peace of mind, placing quality of care and a discreet, responsive service at the core of everything we do.

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  • International medical support
  • Air side patient transfer
  • Wing-to-wing transfer
  • Remote clinical support
  • Incident logging
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Bespoke high dependency units
  • Remote private medical team
  • Bespoke international healthcare
  • Growing capability, ongoing investment
  • CQC approved
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We have supported high-profile clients across the world for many years, often without anyone knowing we were ever there. It’s a unique combination of medical expertise and field operations that enables us to be secure, agile and exceptional in our service delivery.

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