Private Ambulance Service

24/7 ambulance and fast-response paramedic fleet

Whether you require an emergency or routine hospital transfer, or medical support for your VIP delegation, you are in safe hands with Platinum Oak’s private ambulance service.

Along with expertly trained and experienced paramedics, we have a fully equipped fleet of ambulance and fast-response vehicles, and access to aeromedical and maritime resources. Our team are on hand to ensure safe and secure transit via land, air or sea, with as much on-board medical support as you need.

With our on-call service, an understanding of existing health conditions and access to specialist hospitals, we can ensure a rapid response to your specific medical needs.

We can be with you instead of, or ahead of, the NHS.

Platinum Oak is Care Quality Commission (CQC) approved, and our accomplished team holds a wealth of experience from the NHS, armed forces, and private and voluntary sectors. We have also become a trusted private paramedic and ambulance service amongst event organisers, from having a front-facing visible presence to offering a more discreet service to VIPs backstage or behind the scenes.

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Case study

In an emergency call to 999, our client was advised of a three hour wait for an NHS ambulance. After placing a call to Platinum Oak, our ambulance and crew was on site within 30 minutes. Our paramedic team was able to assess, treat and medicate the client at home, with a remote monitoring team and care plan in place once the patient had stabalised, avoiding the need for a hospital visit.

The Platinum Oak Assurance

Discretion and dedication are our guiding principles. We endeavour to provide a professional, honest and educated approach, with client medical support, management and protection at the forefront of our capability.

Platinum Oak is a Care Quality Commission (CQC) accredited private ambulance service.

Costs vary on planned or emergency response, but for many of our clients we can include private ambulance call out in our care packages.

Our core emergency service currently operates in London and the East of England, but we work with clients all over the UK and internationally for planned response and event support.

Depending on the circumstances and your care plan, we usually advise calling 999 in a life-threatening emergency. However, many of our clients like the assurance of having our paramedic team on standby when visiting the UK for business or leisure.

We can safely and comfortably transfer you from land, air or sea to hospital, or be on standby for planned hospital visits. Our partnerships with leading private hospitals ensure a secure and seamless experience.

Our private ambulance service gives you the peace of mind of a timed and comfortable discharge from hospital to any location, with the support of an on-board medical team.

Our ambulance and fast response fleet is fully equipped with a full suite of emergency intervention equipment, including defibrillators, oxygen, spinal boards, ventilator, diagnostics and monitoring equipment. Our paramedic team are equipped with trauma kits and emergency medication including pain relief.

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