TV, Film & Music Medical Support

Take your medical care on tour

Platinum Oak provides a wide portfolio of medical and personal security services for clients on tour or on location. Our strategically planned discreet or high-profile private paramedic support is available anywhere in the world, with a fully equipped team at your location or travelling with you.

TV & Film

Platinum Oak can support the health and safety of your actors, stunt crews and key personnel with our extensive portfolio of planned and emergency medical services on site. We understand the pressures and time constraints of TV and film production and, crucially, the impact this might have on increasing health and safety risks. We work with producers and location managers to conduct a comprehensive assessment to mitigate risk and plan for all eventualities, from medical provision on set, to facilitating rapid medical transportation.


On tour or on location, Platinum Oak can provide paramedic and ambulance support at concerts and events. With a wealth of experience in delivering executive healthcare in a security environment, we are uniquely placed to meet the discreet medical needs of artists and musicians backstage, from onsite paramedic support to rapid access for urgent care offsite.

Alongside supporting heads of state, royalty and a number of high-profile individuals and celebrities, we are proud to have become a trusted provider of paramedic services by event organisers across the UK. Platinum Oak is recognised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

To find out how we can support you, your event and your most important people, please contact us.

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  • Event risk analysis and planning
  • Close protection
  • On-site or on tour triage and treatment clinics
  • Paramedic teams on standby
  • Remote clinical support
  • Incident management
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Discreet paramedic standby support
  • Emergency standby fleet
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